Human Resources

Strategize the important people areas for your company’s success

Human Resources Consulting

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With a focus on the people in your organization and how and what they can do- there is no limit to how successful an organization can be! Éxzeto consults with leaders to help create and implement programs and initiatives to bring about desired results and outcomes.


human resources

Whether your organization is big or small, private sector or non-profit/ trade association, start-up or established entity, I can help you strategize the important areas for your company’s success. I can be your fresh set of eyes on an issue that has been troubling you for a long time.

I can also be your outsourced HR professional and work with your organization’s leaders and staff to enhance your existing HR department and/or help you create one from scratch. If you need temporary assistance to augment a team member’s leave or you need senior level thinking to guide and develop the staff member who is learning the function, Éxzeto is the place for you.

general areas

  • Overall HR Audit/Assessment

  • HR Management- which includes day-to-day operations, compliance, HR business processes; Employee and Leader Manuals/Handbooks/Policy Development

  • HR Interim Leadership

  • Business Advisor to C-Suite Leaders


Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness may seem like a buzzword that means a lot of different things to different people. And yes, it probably is. It is challenging to manage inter-generational workforces with different needs, ever-changing laws and regulations, complex technology and clients that want your company’s product and service faster, cheaper and better than your competitors. You need to make sure your employees are up to the task. Éxzeto can help you be ready and prepared for these challenges.

I can help you brainstorm your overall strategy and partner with you to plan, implement and execute that strategy with both a focused and flexible project management approach, manage the change it will bring to your workforce, and work as a team to produce the best results and success. If needed, I’ll partner with other Human Capital professionals for further collaboration to ensure you are getting the best support you need.

general areas

  • Organizational Change Assessments/Change Management Readiness

  • Performance Management- Employee Relations/Career and Professional Development

  • Leadership Coaching and Development- one-on-one or in groups for all levels of leaders/managers/Training

  • Employee Engagement- Programs to increase Productivity and Loyalty/OnBoarding and Orientation

  • Communication- Employee Survey Plan Strategy/Execution and Implementation of Action Plans


organizational development

I see Organizational Development as another foundation area in the overall area of Human Resources/Human Capital Management. An organization must be structured correctly so it can provide its services and products to its customers in the best way. But, to have the right structure, you have to start thinking about your customers and how you interact with them.

So, with this, comes the basics before the structure. What are the roles your employees will play? Job descriptions? Competencies? Behaviors? Compensation Levels? Bonus Plans? From here, appropriate levels and structure can follow. And then the fun stuff can begin. How can they grow? What will you teach them? What is the next right job for them in your organization? How will they become the next leaders?

General areas

  • Strategy consultation- Design/Structure/Processes Review/Roles/Job Descriptions/Behaviors

  • Business Transformation-Culture Change/Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations/Process Improvement/Change Management

  • Succession Planning- Assessment of Talent- Identification/Development

  • Facilitation and Training- for Individuals/Groups/Total Organization/Team Building