Helpful Tips

These Human Resources and Career Transition documents are designed to help you with your specific needs

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Career Transition

Included in this section are suggested materials to help you create your resume, cover letters and other important “marketing collateral”that define you and your brand for others.

↓Sample Cover Letter ↓Chronological Resume Template

Marketing Collateral

These documents contain sample interview questions, networking suggestions and information on how to use LinkedIn effectively for your networking purposes.

↓Networking Tips for Job Seekers ↓Interview Preparation Template ↓ Interviewing Tips for Older Job Seekers


Read interesting articles and other materials in a variety of areas that provide additional ideas and advice on conducting effective job searches and career development.

↓ Job Search Tips for Millenials ↓Managing Multiple Offers-Timing

Career/Job Search TIPS

Human Resources


This area focuses on the basics of HR-Operations Policies and Programs to Performance Management, Employee Relations and general consulting advice and support.

↓ Sample Exit Interview Questions ↓Sample Table of Contents for an Employee Handbook


See tips and articles on topic areas such as Employee Engagement, Team Building, Training, Change Management, Communication and other related subjects.

↓ Sample Employee Engagement Survey Tips ↓ Leadership and Change Management Presentation


As an HR Coach and Advisor, I provide Leadership Coaching and am hired either by an individual directly or an organizational leader to work with an employee. You may be an emerging supervisor or manager and have never managed employees before. Or, you may be an experienced leader- looking to break through to that next level. Or, you may be having some challenges where you need some focused training and conversation to help you succeed in your current role. These tips and advice may be helpful to you.

↓ Leadership Coaching Assessment Questions ↓ Coaching Conversation Tips for Leaders